Oh no……I have added Planners to my list of S.R.O (Stationery Related Objects)

So, you know how it is. You are watching YouTube and see the “Recommended for You” list. You scroll through the list, waiting to see if anything catches your eye. You click on a couple of videos and perhaps you subscribe, perhaps you don’t. It’s a fairly informal affair….for most.

For me, it has well and truly taken hold. My scrolling has become erratic, desperate to see something I haven’t spotted. “SHOW ME NEW VIDEOS!” I shout at the screen. The magpie like attraction that started all those years ago in WHSmith has drawn me into a new found passion…..Planners.

As stationery lovers, I’m sure we have all owned a Filofax at one point in time, but, I wonder if, like me, you just stuck to using the inserts it came with or you may have mixed it up one year and used pink lined paper.

But my friends, planners are now a whole different world of dashboards, page markers, sticky notes (yes, sticky notes are everywhere!) monthly and weekly layouts, pen types that don’t bleed through….I could honestly continue this list for another 500 words!

It appears that our friends across the pond started this following some time ago and I have just been slow on the uptake.  However, be reassured, I am very much on this Planner craze and it is developing at quite a significant rate.

New stationery brands such as Kikki K and Erin Condren have appeared in my life, for which I am very grateful! I think it goes hand in hand that a stationery lover is an organised individual and the evolving of the planner has encouraged me to grasp both passions with both hands vigorously.

So, before I committed to spending a small eye watering amount on a beautifully hand made leather planner, I decided to embrace this new interest through a bit of creativity to test if I truly love the principle of planning or if it is a passing phase.

I therefore present to you The Pineapple & Button Co. Planner


I did think about doing just one blog about the planner, however, I have so much to share that I have decided to write a regular post on how this planner has evolved and will share with you what has worked, what could be better and my recommendations.

Here is a little sneak peek of the inside that I will share with you in an upcoming post

20150528_120011000_iOS (2)

I would also love to hear about your planner inspirations and if this is a creative outlet that you have been experiencing for a while. I need to know if I’m still missing out on anything!

Please share below or tag me in your photos on my social media pages.

Watch this space for more Planner hints and tips.

x PB x


3 thoughts on “Oh no……I have added Planners to my list of S.R.O (Stationery Related Objects)

    • Hi Stacey, I’m based in the UK so it’s tricky to find anything but I did manage to get hold of Little B pineapple washi the other day. I’ve noticed more and more pineapples hitting the shops so I would think it only a matter of time before more UK based Etsy shops will appear. Please share if you find anything too! I’m desperate for more Button related items too… Thanks x PB x


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