Adding inserts to The Pineapple & Button Co. Planner

With my choice of binder and the inside covers decorated, the next stop was finding inserts!

I was pretty certain that I had got to grips with the purpose of my planner and was therefore quite focused on what I was looking for:

  • Monthly on 2 pages
  • Week on 2 pages
  • Notes
  • To Do

However, my perfectionist side meant that I had to do lots (and lots) of research to find the just the right ones – hands up all those that waste more time than they need to because the font is just “not quite right”!

Etsy was full of varying options – size, colour, layout – I actually started to feel a little overwhelmed with the choice even though I knew exactly what I was looking for. There is a lot of distraction when purchasing from Etsy – be warned.

The main problem I encountered was that most inserts were made to fit 6 rings and not 2. I wasn’t keen on having inserts that didn’t look like they had been made to measure the binder. So, I chose to head down the custom made option.

I contacted a few sellers directly and the first one to return my plea for help was Megan from Hurry Up & Plan. The range of fonts, layouts, colours and styles is very impressive. I shared what I was looking for. Megan made the process so easy, sending me links to the various options in her shop. She originally shared a dual Notes & To Do page – when I asked if it was possible to just have To Do and a page of bullet points, she was so accommodating and happy to help adjust to my preference.


The willingness to help just continued – as my binder was a slightly different size to the standard A5 Filofax or KiKKi K, Megan was more than happy to alter the print size so they fitted. She also sent them without hole punches so that I could do this myself to ensure they were in the right place.


The shipping was relatively quick given they were coming from overseas and Megan kept me up to date with my order along the way.

The end result is great and exactly what I was looking for. I have been using them for a few months now and there is very little I would change. I highly recommend you visit her shop!


In addition to the paper inserts, I also decided I wanted tab dividers. Had I known that I would venture towards this option, I would have requested from Hurry Up & Plan that the monthly and weekly inserts were printed as single months rather than a continuous year but they are still perfectly usable and I know Megan would have been happy to help!

I approached a UK based Etsy shop called My Pretty Week. Lisa designs tabbed dividers of all sizes and has a wide range of gorgeous patterns to choose from. There is a pre-made as well as a custom option to choose from. I opted for custom made as, again, my perfectionist streak wanted The Pineapple & Button Co. colours!


Just like Megan from Hurry Up & Plan, Lisa was so helpful and patient with my order. She provided an extensive range of colours and patterns to choose from and fitted round my unusual choice of binder. I chose the non laminated version with printed months and a Notes & To Do section as top tabs. Even though I have been using the planner for a few months, they are so durable and I am hopeful they will last a long time to come.


Shipping was quick and painless too! It was certainly a Pretty Week for me when these landed on my doorstep.

Thank you to you both for helping to bring this planner to life! Links to their shops are below.


What are your favourite Etsy shops? I still have a lot to learn about planners and would love to see what you guys have created or had custom made.

x PB x


Hurry Up & Plan –

My Pretty Week –

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