Getting stuck into planning

Since I have been using The Pineapple & Button Co. Planner on a more than regular basis, I thought it was high time I jumped on the planning accessories band wagon!

Now, had I known 20 years ago that I would revert back to using stickers on a daily basis, I would have kept all my albums from when sticker swapping was THE thing to do at school. However, I guess the use of stickers now is more of a creative reminder for all those mundane adult tasks and responsibilities.

I am pretty structured throughout my week with what I do when so was certainly keen to purchase a bundle of stickers that I could use week in, week out. And then, of course, there are the stickers for decoration and it would have been both rude and wrong to not purchase some of those.

Let’s head over to Etsy then – the one stop online shop for all things planner related. I am so impressed with what people create – it appears there is a sticker for absolutely every hobby, appointment, holiday and cleaning task. This was going to take some time.

I knew I wanted to purchase from the UK – not only from a postage and speed perspective but also because I am keen for the UK to embrace this planning craze and so I am very supportive of UK based Etsy shops.

I was fortunate that there weren’t many to choose from otherwise I might still be deliberating. I shopped at EllieBethDesigns UK. Rachel has a great selection and the colours are gorgeous. I guess it is always a risk that something you buy online doesn’t accurately reflect in real life, but I can honestly say that with these stickers they do!

I purchased some laundry stickers (how adorable!), cat paws for when the boys go into the cattery, bin days (because who can honestly remember when the alternate recycling weeks are!?) and some beautiful banners. The stickers are made to fit the Erin Condren Life Planner boxes so, although a little large for my inserts, they are still perfectly usable. I also purchased a pastel selection of dots for To Do lists. These are tiny but work well in the column on the left hand side for jotting notes.


I also splurged on an Alice in Wonderland set too. The Alice and the White Rabbit where just to cute to ignore. I have already used the pocket watch, probably to remind me not to be late to something! I wonder if Rachel might also do an Aladdin set one day……hint hint…..


Along with the EllieBeth purchases, I pick up a set of Fluro pink hearts from Paperchase (again for To Do lists and for birthdays) and a beautiful set from Craftie Charlie. This UK based online store is which is slowly catching up Etsy on my new favourite place to shop – I have created a wish list…..that is all.

These stickers are from the Dear Lizzy Serependity selection and I am obsessed with the floral print and teal coloured numbers and letters.


We all know that planning isn’t just about stickers so I also headed to TK Maxx to see what delights they may be hiding. I came across a craft paper pack with polka dots and floral prints which I thought would be perfect for making envelopes inside the planner. I also found a gorgeous set of notecards with gold foil Hello written on them – could be great for a dashboard and some Kirstie Allsop labels and gift tags which I am positive can be re-purposed into something planner related. Finally, a pack of gold foil prints that are designed to be framed but by cutting them down slightly, you could actually convert them into dividers or dashboards. I can feel my creativity urge building!


What are your favourite planning accessories?

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EllieBethDesigns UK –

Dear Lizzy sticker sheet

Paperchase Heart stickers –

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