Intentions, not resolutions….

For me, past years have started with the obligatory resolutions. Whilst my desire to buy stationery seems to ramp up in September, I have also been keen to have a focus for each new year – the Christmas decorations come down, the house is bought back to normality (no more hoovering up pine needles!) and I like to have that same “out with the old and in with the new” when it comes to my attitude to life and work.

However, this year will be different. Not only can I not include trimming down and getting fitter this year for personal reasons, I also had a very engaging chat with a good friend of mine that made me re-think the value of resolutions.

This good friend of mine is a person that everyone should have as a friend – someone who is level headed and balanced with a flourish of creativity and oodles of inspiration. When asked what her resolutions were, she shared that she aspires to intentions, and after reflecting, she is absolutely right.

Why should we feel pressured to achieve resolutions that stereotypically last 3-4 weeks and then we spend the rest of year feeling disappointed with our lack of will-power or commitment. Surely what we should be aiming to achieve is to be a better person and with that, better intentions in our day to day life.

So, as a way of commitment to my 2016 intentions, I am sharing them with you. By putting pen to paper (almost), I hope that these intentions become a way of life for me and not just a whimsical existence that I will suddenly remember I had discussed with a friend over coffee one day.

  1. Enjoy reading again. I slipped out of regularly reading during last year and I missed it greatly. (I will share my reading list in another post but would welcome recommendations!)
  2. Commit to my passion for sharing my love of Stationery + Style through The Pineapple & Button Co.
  3. Embrace each day with purpose and dress to impress!

I would love you to share your intentions! Let’s make 2016 count.

x PB x


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