Paper & Glam weekly set up

After many months (or maybe even years!) of shall I, shan’t I, I finally jumped into signing up to a Paper & Glam subscription. And thank goodness I did!

August was my first month when the bright Glam pink envelope dropped through my door. Filled to the brim of beautifully printed sticker sheets, the handwritten note from Lisamarie makes it the perfect happy mail.

I only use my Erin Condren for true planning, however, I don’t use the monthly pages so have found that even 2 weeks into August, I had plenty of stickers still remaining. So, I decided to do a full spread using as many of the stickers I could!

In the notes column, I used 2 full boxes length ways and added some washi and P&G quotes. I will use the top box as my reading tracker and the bottom box for my blog planner.


I used the banners as headers for the middle boxes and because I had to cut these to the right width, I added the flag end to the boxes for detail.

A fun decorative corner bottom left and right using my favourite stickers in the pack – the book shelf and typewriter with a couple of quote stickers.



I added full box stickers to the bottom row and used an idea from Lisamarie to use the monthly headers above the full boxes.


My final touch to this week was using the stiletto check lists as headers for the weekend – I love the scallop edging.


Along with my staple Bits of Stationery personalised headers and Work stickers, I love how this layout turned out and its made me add more P&G stickers to my wish list.

You can sign up to subscriptions here – and you can grab your Bits of Stationery stickers here –

x PB x


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