Crafty Catch Up creativity

Following a fantastic day at the Crafty Catch Up in Kent in July, I wanted to create a memory keepsake.

I simply covered the back of my Reset Girl motivational quote card with cardstock that I bought on the day. Fortunately, the amazing Rachel of Bits of Stationery provided us with the most wonderful freebie in our goody bags which made this process so much easier.

Placing stickers around the card, I added some adorable photos of the day that I printed from my HP zip printer on sticky back photo paper.

I love the hashtag stickers but particularly love the boxes for free text where I could add my favourite moments or thoughts from the day.

A lovely keepsake that I can have in my planner as wonderful reminder of the friends I made and the laughs we shared.

Thank you Rachel for organising……here’s to the next one!

Crafty catch up.jpg

x PB x




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