How to be organised for those early starts…

Whether you are a new mum or a working mum, we all have our fair share of early starts.

And I find that preparation the night before is the key so that even in my half awake state, I can leave the house feeling semi-respectable.

Here’s a few tips;

  1. Pack your bag completely and if there are bits to add, pop a post-it note on top with a list of what needs to go in before you walk out the door
  2. Pack up your lunch bag with on-the-go healthy snacks. I also find that overnight oats make the perfect quick breakfast and travels well
  3. Invest in a good travel mug. I have a couple I use – Contigo autoseal travel mug for my frothy coffees and a KeepCup (personalised to P&B Co. colours of course) for my herbal teas
  4. Lay out your clothes, including (and this is VERY important) your underwear! When dressing in the dark, so as to not disturb our loved ones, the last thing you want to do is be scrambling around for your knickers
  5. If you are getting up for work, set 2 alarms. Even though I’m a light sleeper since having Little PB, my worst fear is not waking up on time and rushing. 
  6. Go to bed early, settle with a good book (don’t check your phone) and have a large glass of water ready for the morning to help wake you up. 

Hope this helps – here’s to those positive starts to the day!

x PB x

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