How to have an inspirational wardrobe

Let’s set the scene;

  • I don’t have an insta style dressing room worthy of beautiful photos
  • My wardrobe is not full to the brim of designer clothes, bags and shoes
  • My wardrobe is conviently in Little PB’s bedroom

So, now that is out the way – I decided a couple of weeks ago that I needed to embrace what I did have and organise my wardrobe so that I could see the potential clearly every day.

Firstly, I emptied my wardrobe in its entirety onto the floor. This helped me to know what I had and what I wanted to keep or give to charity.

I then sorted what I was keeping into outfits – how could I maximise my clothes to make 3 or 4 outfits rather than one. So, taking each jacket and top and pairing them together with trousers and shoes.

If I didn’t have a coordinating item that could be matched with a piece a clothing, I put it aside.

My next best friend has become Pinterest. Searching for outfit ideas for each piece of clothing I had, helped me to feel inspired and focused. 

But rather than keep the photos on my phone, I created these cute picture boards which are stuck to the inside doors of my wardrobe. Every morning I open up the wardrobe, I can be reminded of what works well together, minisming the time I spend trying on outfits or being disappointed with my choice. It also helped to realise how those unmatched items could be paired up.

Finally, I upgraded my hangars and this was probably the cheapest part of the exercise! At only £2 for a pack of 10, these velour coated black hangars sit well in the wardrobe space, help to hold strappy and wide neck tops without slipping and keep all the clothes looking neat.

I tend to be seasonal with my wardrobe and so the drawers make for perfect storage for those clothes that aren’t in use. 

I don’t own many shoes so I keep my regularly used ones at the top of the wardrobe. All others are on the slide out at the bottom.

I now enjoy choosing my outfit for the day and find I’m inspired by my choice without needing to buy more clothes.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on

x PB x

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