Mind”FULL”ness or Mind”LESS”ness

Towards the end of last year, I became very intrigued in the true benefits of self-care and how it can be used to both better ourselves and sometimes set us back.

After much thought and chatting through with friends, I came to realise that there are 2 versions of self-care.

We talk often about mindfulness – defined as clearing our mind and focusing on the here and now. But actually, taking the word literally suggests you should be filling your mind, not emptying it.

So this got me thinking – why would it be such a bad thing to have both mindfulness and mindlessness.

There are many activities/actions I undertake that fulfil both emptying my mind and filling my mind – both are beneficial for different reasons and I consciously choose what works for me at the time

For example, if I need inspiration or motivation, I fill my mind with podcasts, audio books, chatting to friends or reading (mindfulness)

But if I need that time to clear and cleanse and reset, I may go for a walk, make lists, tidy, minimise my screen time or rest (mindlessness)

What do you do to for mindfulness and mindlessness?

Love Hannah x

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