The things that get me through lockdown

Here we go. Week 6! I should have been finishing the packing to go on an epic adventure with my family today. Well, that ain’t happening now! So I thought I would share what I other things are getting me through lockdown.

1. Skincare – I’m using this time at home to really invest in my skincare. Although I wear make up during the week for work, I have avoided it at the weekends and it’s really helped. Add in some strict skincare routines of twice daily cleaning and plenty of water, I’ve really seen a difference in my skin and it’s texture

2. Planning – I know there isn’t much to plan for at the moment, but feeling organised and focused throughout the week helps if I get too tired and start to loose interest. My Hinch Lists and a little planner love has been a highlight of my week!

3. Crafting – I need to do more of this now that work is a little quieter but when I have dabbled, it’s been very calming and relaxing. To be honest, even a bit of colouring in with Little PB has been incredibly mindful

4. Yoga – I’ve been really trying to get into yoga more. With all the DIY we have been doing and the “toddler” exercise, I’ve found I’m aching quite a bit so, some stretching and quieter time is really helping to reset

5. Reading – I finished my first book since being in lockdown and it felt so good that it’s got me back into a space of reading again which I love

6. My garden – I planted a load of seeds with Little PB as something to do, and to my surprise, they actually grew and I now have a plethora of veg and flowers ready for planting later in May. Working away in my greenhouse has been very satisfying and relaxing.

And finally – my family. I certainly couldn’t have got through the madness of work and the challenge of childcare without Mr PB. Little PB has been such a good little toddler and very patient with us – he makes me laugh every day.

I hope you are all staying safe and well


x PB x

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