Shh…I have another love….don’t tell the stationery!

Unlike my long lasting love of Stationery, my other passion for interior design has grown more in my later years – particularly since I became a home owner.

I take great pride in making my house a home – a cliche for most, but for me, I truly believe this. To walk through my front door and see a collection of accessories, furnishings and decor that has evolved from many influences has a great feeling of satisfaction.

I say that this has developed more as a home owner, but I do vividly remember decorating my room at University with limited resource, money or scope to paint the walls! I signed up one weekend for my room to be used on the University tour for Open Days and certainly received a healthy amount of positive vibes from those visiting. I’m not sure what I did other than make my room feel like home, creating a haven to come back to.

I have continued to do just that in each place I have lived in. Having, last year, moved into our forever home, the collection is steadily building and giving each room an identity is a long term project.

Whenever something new is added to a room, THE question is asked – how much? And actually, I always surpise Mr PB because I honestly don’t spend alot. Most of my finds come from high street stores, charity shops, antiques fairs or friends having a clear out.

And the truth is – you don’t need to spend the earth to make something look high quality. It will always come down to what it looks and feels like to you and if it fits with the room’s personality.

This is how easy it is…….how much would you think this floral display is?


Ok, so a leading question because you will know it didn’t cost £100’s. But before I tell you how much, I’ll share how I achieved it. I wanted a centre piece for my dining table to add some height into a fairly open room. I measured the height I wanted and then costed up semi-professional arrangements – that was a no go!

So, opted for the DIY option. Tape measure in hand, I headed to TKMaxx. I am frequently hunting in the home section! I found a cheap vase in the clearance section! Then onto Hobbycraft who have a great selection of very, very reasonably priced artificial flowers that I arranged in the vase whilst I was there to ensure I achieved the look I wanted. The shop assistants thought I was a little strange but did comment that they thought it looked lovely…..The stems varied in length and some didn’t quite meet the bottom of the vase so to cover that up, I added a piece of burlap into the bottom of the vase to add depth and character. Total cost, £23. Pretty impressed even if I say so myself.


So, I will continue to share when I find treasures and how I have settled them into their new home. I am very aware that not everyone’s tastes are the same and you may purchase something that not everyone likes or see something on my blog that makes your eyebrows raise. But……who cares. If you can live with it and it brings a smile to your face, that is what is important.

Do you have a bargain that you are super pleased with or a piece of creative DIY? Please share your photos via my social media sites.

If you would like me to share hints and tips on anything in particular, please comment below.

Love x PB x


My Love For S.R.O (Stationery Related Objects)

There isn’t an exact date or moment in my life that I suddenly found a passion for all things stationery – like most of us I’m sure, it has evolved gradually over time. If I was to start anywhere though, I guess my childhood is as good as any.

I will always remember the excitement building in late August of being taken shopping with my mum to buy school supplies. Indeed, it was a highlight of my academic years and I still get a small flutter of anticipation in my early 30’s. Each year demanded a new pencil case and matching contents, of course. Even if last years purchase was as good as new, it was a must, a need, a want. I saw stationery as my accessory and still do.

In fact, the stationery I owned as a child was so treasured that some of my earliest purchases are still very much in use today. I have one of my very first pencil cases – it has that freshly sharpened smell. I also own an adorable mouse clip which has found a new lease of life with the evolution of the planner and a gold engraved fountain pen which makes a regular appearance.


Move forward 20 odd years and my tastes (and the amount spent!) have matured like a fabulous bottle of Champagne! The likes of Kate Spade, Mont Blanc and Moleskine now adorn my working environment. My stationery collection continues to be my accessory and is as important as my choice of handbag and shoes. It completes my outfit and in some ways, it completes me.

I would love to hear from you guys as most of my inspiration comes from lovers of stationery and not just the high street.

What is your childhood stationery memory? Do you still use something you vividly remember buying in preparation for school?

Please comment below and also share anything you would like me to cover in my future blog

Until the next blog..

Love x PB x